Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th Everyone! For those readers (and it seems there are many) who are outside the US, July 4th is Independence Day here, the day we celebrate our break up with merry old England. Anyway, our traditions somehow involve beer, hot dogs, hamburgers and assorted junk food. Also we like to shoot fireworks into the night sky, usually most big cities or counties will have a fireworks show. Celebrating with us is Kelli Young, a cutie who happens to have her own web site with nice things to look at. I'm not a member, but thought I'd throw you guys a link to her site since I found a nice pic of her in the red, white and blue.

Tonight, I celebrated celibacy, or at least five weeks of it. I've got to tell you, my balls are very full and sitting can be uncomfortable like that. I received some panties in the mail...Oh Yeah! Thank you very much (you know who you are)! Let me tell you, there's nothing more exciting than finding a package in your mailbox containing freshly played in panties from some sexy honey. Knowing that she got off thinking of me getting off to her is an indescribable a turn on. Not all the panties are here yet, and so I'm going to try and hold off a little longer. I must admit, it may be hard not to shoot my own fireworks off soon. I think I may NEED to, it may not be a choice in the near future.

Until next time, be safe out there and have a great time celebrating!


Em said...

I think I warned you back around week #2 that things would get a bit tender....and now it is a bit hard to sit! Perfect. Just means you are off to a good start...but not nearly time to release.

Pantymaven said...

Hooray for the USA!!!!

Jezebel VonTizzle said...

holding out for 5 weeks? thats some control! I gotta tell ya, after that amount of time there would likely be carnage over here ;)

great blog!!

Sheen V said...

No "fireworks" on the 4th?! lol I commend you for your control, and for the picture of Kelli. when you finnally do errupt, I think we'll need some pictures ;)

badside said...

em, aren't you naughty! Makes me wonder if YOU might have been saving a load of your own!

PM, Yup!

Jezebel, if I were where you are there WOULD be and sweaty! rrrrrrr! ;^) Welcome to the blog!

Sheen, I've been thinking about how to capture that moment for the blog myself. Not sure just showing a picture of huge globs of cum will do.