Thursday, June 26, 2008

Four Weeks!!

Welcome Readers! Today marks a monumental occasion! It's now been FOUR weeks since I last shot a load of cum. Although it's a couple days short of an actual calendar month, what d'ya say I just go ahead and give myself credit for a month anyway? And so it is, that the countdown to cumming has begun. Yes, the hour of ejaculation grows near my friends. And how should the end of this journey be marked? Not by some simple jack off, no. It should be glorious, amazing and memorable. What to do then? Well, I have a plan in mind and todays pictures should clue you in. I've invited some of my lovely female readers to have a personal part in this special event, one I guarantee will not be forgotten. My hope is that they will cast aside any self reservations and send me a pair of their used panties to sniff while I'm milking my man muscle dry. Ladies, does the thought of me getting off to your personal scent turn you on? I'll be waiting to hear from you!


A. Secret said...

I'm in! And amazingly turned on.

Anonymous said...

OH. my. GOD.


Sheen V said...

I'd love to hear how it all ends!

Riff Dog said...

Four weeks! My hat's off, dude!

A. Secret said...

The panties are in the mail luv. Don't do anything I wouldn't do with them ;-)

badside said...

A: You're a gem my dear! And I'm getting the picture there isn't a lot you wouldn't do! ;^)

Ross: I seem to have got your water boiling! Good!

Sheen: I shall keep you posted.

Riff: Thanks Bro!