Friday, March 01, 2013


Hola Readers!  Can you believe it's already the start of a new month?  Ready for your weekend?  Yeah, me too!  I was watching Jimmy Kimmel the other night and he ran a story about a man from Michigan who had his porn collection swiped.  The thieves took three TV's and his adult film collection that was valued at $7500.  He said he had vintage movies that are no longer available.  I can totally relate.  Unlike mainstream movies and TV, a lot of vintage stuff is disappearing or is long gone.  Even the movies from the 90's will be harder and harder to find because of the lower definition video that is out of vogue and doesn't look very good on new TV's.

I've talked about some of my favorite vintage porn classics here on the blog in past posts.  Surprisingly, there must not be much of an audience for such things, since many of the biggest titles from the past are not remastered or available in high def.  A shame really, because if someone had the original films on celluoid they could be converted over to high definition.  I'm sure the movies exist in some buff's collection, but those people probably don't have the rights to make such conversions and distribute them.

On my wish list would be any of the Marilyn Chambers films, Insatiable at the very top of that list. 

Anyway, here's the interview from Kimmel, funny stuff.  I gotta hand it to the man Earlie Johnson, he takes the whole thing in stride and with humor.  Huge props for going on national TV and admitting to having a huge porn collection too.  Also, I was happy to see the news cover this story and not make it humiliating to Earlie and Angela.



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