Monday, March 04, 2013

Agent Provocateur

I recently had the pleasure of visiting an Agent Provocateur boutique.  The experience was a pleasant one for sure.  The store was small and well decorated.  It felt posh and Victorian.  There were two ladies working there, only one spoke to me, offering assistance if I needed it.  I told her I was just browsing.  She was helpful but not pushy.  She asked me if I knew about the history of the company and told me little about it.  It seems AP was the brainchild of Joseph Corre, son of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood (who is credited with bringing modern punk and new wave fashion to the mainstream).

The store itself had a wall of items on display, each on a wire frame mannequin.  The saleswoman explained that the display items were all of one size, but that different sizes were available and would be brought out at my request.  The items were as exquisite as I'd imagined and hoped.  Beautifully designed and brought to life with wonderful details and quality.  Of course all this comes at a price and the items are very expensive, putting the likes of VS to shame price wise.

I'm not sure what the ladies in the store thought of me.  I was the only one in there besides them.  They were very pleasant though.  The saleswoman handed me a glossy catalog before I left, telling me that there were staple items and seasonal items.  I'm thinking it'd be good to buy something seasonal since these are probably only available for a short time.  I checked the price tags and at least one bra was $180, no small sum.

I will return when money allows (or I am overcome with lingerie lust) to purchase some things.  Of course I will have to have someplace special to store these things as I wouldn't want them to get ruined at that price!


Pantymaven said...

I smiled when I saw the price of that one bra... :-) I'm absolutely amazed at the prices they get. A while back I posted some pictures of VanRaalte panties that I "found" back in 1965. I'll sometimes go to eBay to see what vintage panties are going for and last week one seller had six pair of VanRaalte panties up for sale and he got over $650 for the lot of them with one going for $135. I have a VanRaalte price tag that reads $1.65. AMAZING!!!

badside said...

$650!! That's crazy PM! It's a good thing I've been investing in panties! ;^)

Anonymous said...

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Nick Dreems said...

I agree. But to think of being able to "ruin" them and the fun that would entail...

badside said...

So very true ND!