Friday, March 22, 2013

Harry Reems RIP

You may have read that actor Harry Reems passed away.  Sad news about a guy who brought so much joy to others from his acting in adult films.  Harry was 65 years young and living in Utah, working as a real estate agent until his death.  Interestingly unlike many other former porn actors, he was never ashamed of his past work or tried to hide it.  In fact, instead of trying to hide, he actually changed his legal name to Harry Reems!  Gotta love that!

He was best known as the costar of the famous 70's porn flick "Deep Throat".  It's said that he was working on set, trying to learn about film making and doing lighting.  The actor who was the original costar didn't show up and Harry stepped in.  From there he went on to star in hundreds of movies.  Harry got to fuck some of the most famous and desirable ladies in the industry including Marilyn Chambers and Ginger Lynn, two of my all time favorites.  He often played a goofy type character and something about him reminds me of Steve Martin the comedic actor, especially with that grey hair.

He was dragged through the mud during the 70's when the government tried to shut down the porn industry by bringing criminal charges against him for being involved in the distribution of porn.  He initially lost and was sentenced to jail, but later won on appeal.  Famous actors like Jack Nicholson backed him (hats off to Jack for that).  I wonder if the Oscars will acknowledge this pioneer of porn at next years awards and show his picture during the segment where they honor people who were lost in the last year?  He certainly deserves to be honored for all he went through.

It seems he lived a full and storied life.  I'm sure many a man would have loved to have been in his shoes during those days when he was working his way through the A-list of porn's most beautiful and famous ladies.  Here's to you Harry Reems, rest in peace!


Pantymaven said...

Ah yes... good old "Deep Throat"... one of my very first. Thanks Red Dog, wherever you are... :-)

Anonymous said...
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Malcolm said...

"Deep Throat" reminds me how nearly every city of any size used to have a proper porno theater. As far as I know, they're all gone. Although I missed out on the 70s, I'm just old enough to have had a chance to visit the one in my city a few times in the mid-to-late 80s before it closed for good. By then it was pretty well run down, its ghastly 70s decor looking positively dreadful. The floors in the theater were sticky. Nothing worked properly. They say that the videotape killed these places, but I think we lost something as there is just nothing quite like watching something like "Deep Throat" or "Debbie Does Dallas" in the company of strangers, particularly when a few of the strangers were acting out some of their own scenes in the audience!