Wednesday, March 27, 2013


They had a James Bond-a-thon on TV recently.  I was watching Thunderball and there was a scene where Sean Connery is in a health spa.  He grabs the very attractive masseuse and kisses her.  She fights him off, shoving him away.  When she does, she also reveals a pair of very hard nipples visible through her silky blue top, no doubt the result of her excitement at playing tongue hockey with Mr. Bond.

I went looking for some pics of this glorious display, but couldn't find any, sorry.  That's her at the top of the page, the blonde.  Her name is Mollie Peters, no relation to Bernadette of a few posts back I'm sure.  The pics with Connery are from the spa scene.  As a young man watching reruns of this movie on TV I never noticed the hard nipples or how absolutely sexy Ms Peters was. 

 I also found some promo materials from the film.  I love them, so period specific.  I had the perfect word to describe them, but it slipped away from my tired brain.  Anyway, here's what I found, for your viewing pleasure.


Anonymous said...

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Nick Dreems said...

Bond rocks. All the movies are well worth watching just for the eye candy!

Pantymaven said...

Never was a Bond fan... don't know why... did enjoy some of the promo pictures though... :-)

badside said...

Nick, I agree!

PM, I always loved watching the Bond films. The gadgets, the beautiful women, the stunning locations, so much to see!

Malcolm said...

My favorite Bond film was "Goldfinger." There is just something about that early 60s style that I really dig.