Monday, March 18, 2013

The Thong Bandit

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed a nice weekend.  There's one person in the Denver area who has discovered a way of enjoying himself in a way I hope my readers are not.  He does it by wearing a thong and exposing himself to women!

The Denver police have named him the "Thong Bandit".  By the name, I thought perhaps the guy was a panty thief or something, but after reading an article about him, he's a flasher who likes to wear thongs.  From what I read, he goes into an ally and disrobes down to a thong, then flashes women.

He doesn't seem to do anything more than that, so I'm thinking Denver must be a pretty crime free area for the police to be making such a big deal about this guy.  I'm sure he must be hard when he exposes himself, but nothing in the articles says he physically touched anyone or shot cum on them, so I don't get what all the hullabaloo is about.  Of course I wouldn't want him to do that to someone I cared about (it has happened), but at the same time, at it's worse, it's just a crime of bad taste, seeing something you don't want to see.


Pantymaven said...

Totally agree!

Anonymous said...
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Malcolm said...

I don't understand how people can be so uptight. Get a life already. That being said, I live in a deeply red state and we've yet to be bothered about our swimming attire. Me and my lovely wife only wear thongs and she even goes topless when the mood suits her (or me.) Despite the generally conservative attitudes in this state, the law only requires that the genitals be covered and usually the lake has a party atmosphere so people don't seem to mind.

Malcolm said...

And from that picture, if I had to choose only one of those girls to spend the night with I think it would have to be the one in yellow. I like her nice, round ass but for reasons I can't really explain she looks like she'd be the most fun in bed. Or maybe it's because yellow is my favorite color!