Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Hola Readers! Staying on the Oscars topic line, how many of the best picture nominees have you seen? I've actually seen about half of them. "The Fighter" which won for best actress and supporting actor was pretty good, very much worth seeing.

Amy Adams is in it (she was also nominated for best actress), who I think is a real cutie. She plays the lead character's girlfriend and in one scene she gets down to her bra and panties. You can't see in the above pic but she was wearing a matching bikini panty that goes with that bra. They have sheer vertical stripes that give you a lovely view of her hard nipples through the material. It's not easy to see here in the blurry pic I found on the web, but in the theater I was quite thrilled to see her in that outfit, very nice. The movie itself is well acted, with Wahlberg putting in his usual mediocre performance, but surrounded by deep talent in most of the other roles. As I said well worth seeing and if you miss it in the theater, do rent it for sure.

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