Sunday, March 20, 2011

Angie's Panties

Goeie Dag Readers! It never ceases to entertain me when I see panties in movies. I think that it kind of cements my theory that almost everyone feels a special connection to panties and lingerie in a sexual way. How could we not when panties are the last veil covering the coveted lady parts we men lust after?

So the latest movie I saw with panties was "Salt" starring Angelina Jolie. There's a scene where she removes her panties to avoid capture. She actually uses them to cover a security camera. The shot is quite fast, so you can't see the panties that well, but they looked to me like a black lace thong. I doubt they would have covered the camera, let alone stay on it, but I give the director or writer who decided to add that little embellishment some props for effort.

It was thrilling to see lovely Angelina reach under her skirt and pull her panties down, then of course to imagine her running around in that little skirt with no panties on underneath, yet another turn on! The movie was just OK to me, I had fun watching it, but glad I rented it and didn't waste my money and time seeing it in the theater. Sorry, I couldn't find a screen cap of the panty removal scene so the above pic will have to be enough to fuel your perverted fantasies until you see the movie yourselves.

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