Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stone Cold

Wawuka Readers! As if I needed any more evidence to add to my theory of Western society's obsession with female undergarments, I've found yet another movie with panty in it. The movie "Easy A" had a nice scene where the star Emma Stone (pictured above) removes her red lace panties. They actually do a nice close up of her panties being pulled down from under her skirt, that top gif is the exact scene I'm referring to. Emma is the girl in the white top in the second pic, she's quite the cutie and the character she plays is a sassy little thing, something I just love in a girl.

I found the movie itself to be quite enjoyable with an intelligent script and a terrific cast which did it all justice, very well acted. Of course it's not anywhere near realistic, but who cares, you'll have a great time watching it and get to see a panty removal as an added bonus, is that great or what?

If you're thinking she looks familiar and scratching your head wondering just where it was you've seen her before, she was also in the hit horror comedy "Zombieland" where she also plays a sassy, quick witted cutie. I really liked that movie too. I say go ahead and rent em both, then you can find out what poor taste I have in movies!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

NOW you're talking, Fred! Not a classic beauty, but whatever "it" is, she's got IT in spades. First saw her in Superbad. Later that night it may have been Vicki in my bed, but it was Emma in my head turning my cock to Stone!

badside said...

JamieLin: Glad you approve of her, I think she's got something to her too. Supposedly she's a natural blond, but I think she looks cute with her red hair.