Thursday, March 10, 2011

Married Cross Dresser

Tzu ta' Readers! I just wanted to pop in here and give you a heads up to a very interesting episode of Dr Phil I saw last night when I was eating my dinner. The show was about couples who lied to each other and they included one couple where the husband was a cross dresser. Actually he wants to be a woman, not just wear women's clothes. Anyway, being someone who enjoys wearing sexy female underthings, I found it quite interesting.

Some of the things the husband said I can totally relate to and some of his experiences reminded me of myself. I don't think I want to be a woman at all, I just love the feelings, physically and mentally of wearing lingerie. The smooth texture of the materials, the way they hug my body, and the naughtiness and wrongness of wearing them all turn me on immensely. I actually think the wife is handling it pretty well considering the situation. I really liked hearing that SHE was the one who wanted him to wear some panties, my kind of girl! Anyway, I thought I'd throw a link up here so you guys can check it out for yourselves in case you hadn't seen it. It's been transcribed, but I think there was a little more in the actual video, which I couldn't find.

I really am interested in some of your stories as well and would love to hear about how some of you started wearing women's things. Did the urge predate the action or the other way around? Who's things did you wear? Was your mother or other female a strong influence on your younger life?


Anonymous said...

Being the youngest of five and the only boy, my sisters used me as a doll, putting me in clothes (including bras and panties) and make up. My parents thought nothing of it, but I always enjoyed it and later it turned me on.

badside said...

Anon, welcome! I'm sure it did/does turn you on!

Pantymaven said...

Back when I was in college they hadn't outlawed hazing. There were three "wise guys" who hadn't gotten with the program. The brothers decided they needed a good lesson so they were loaded into a car and driven out of town. When the car stopped the three were stripped naked and told to get back town any way they could. This one guy showed up at the fraternity in women's clothes (including underwear) that he'd stolen off a clothes line. A few years later he told me he'd gone through basically the same thing anonymous wrote about. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

My wife makes me wear pantys. She laughs at me and calls me a sissy. She threw away all my man undys so I have to wear pantys I feel so ashamed.


badside said...

PM: Very interesting indeed! Bet that happens a lot.

Kelly: You should be so ashamed of yourself for being dominated into becoming a sissy! I know you love it!