Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011

Hello Readers! Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? I don't usually watch the whole thing because it can be a little stretched out for my tastes, but I did watch it all yesterday. One thing I do like is seeing all the beautiful actresses looking like Hollywood royalty in their gowns. Here's a few I thought were standouts this year.

I thought Mila Kunis was looking so hot in in her lavender dress with the lace inserts barely covering her breasts. Wow, wish I could have seen her in person wearing that!

Gwnyeth Paltrow looked chic and stylish in her dress, that plunging neckline is amazing.

Jennifer Lawrence was stunning and fresh in her understated and sleek dress although I can see why some critics said the dress was a bit underdone for such a fancy event. I thought she looked great though.

Halle Berry was jaw droppingly beautiful as usual, elegant and sexy!

Reese Witherspoon was cute, pretty and classy in her gown, a real sweetheart.


Pantymaven said...

Gwyneth was absolutely top drawer!

badside said...

She almost always is...beautiful girl!