Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Celebrity Panty Wearer

I was watching one of those entertainment news shows the other night and they were interviewing singer Rod Stewart, who was promoting his new album. They started talking about some of the clothes he wore back in the 70's and he was describing some pictures they had on hand. He said that one outfit was actually women's wear. In another pic he had on some tight leopard skin patterned pants and his junk was bulging out and the interviewer asked if he stuffed his pants and he said "no, it's all me". Then he added something really interesting, he said "That was back when I used to wear ladies knickers" or something like that. My ears sure perked up to that comment! Of course I think once you go to panties you can't go back, so my guess is ol Rod probably still likes to sport a panty now and again. Now we can add yet another celebrity to the list who enjoys the feeling of panties on his privates!


Pantymaven said...

There are probably more than we'll ever know.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm sure there's tons out there PM!