Friday, November 26, 2010

Awww, Cute PJs

Ziech Bures Readers! How are you doing? Have you recovered from all the turkey and family craziness? As wonderful as it is to see family during the holidays, it can be oddly stressful as well.

OK enough of my blather, on to the holiday gift guide, you say? Your wish is my command! Featured above is the super cute Reindeer and Stars PJ Short set from Forever 21. These are 100 percent cotton and 100 percent adorable as well. The top, as you can see, features long sleeves and a ribbed scoop neck. The shorts are flannel and have the reindeer and stars pattern and have a ruffle bottom edge (yay!).

I think they're sexy, but cute enough so you can get extra points for giving her these thoughtful PJs and she may not suspect your bad bad ulterior motives. It comes as a set, top and bottom, and as you can see from the pics, they do go oh so well together. You know what the best part is? They're only $12.80 for the set! What a deal! Of course I haven't actually seen these in person, so I can't speak for the build or material quality, but design wise, I'd say they're a winner!


Sheen V said...

The ruffles really make the shorts sexy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those ruffles really do it for me too Sheen!


Pantymaven said...

I can do without the bottoms... real panties for me!