Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little On Top

K'uxi Readers! Ready for another sexy shopping item? When I was browsing lingerie one day at the mall, I spotted an item that I'd never noticed or thought of before. For the most part, I'm a panty fetishist; in fact most of my collection is made up of panties. I have a growing number of garter belts as well, but I've never really bought any bras or tops. The reason is simple, I don't have any breasts so the cups don't get filled properly and don't look so hot, plus I work out so my body is definitely a man body and doesn't exactly fit well in that respect either.

All that changed recently when I bought a babydoll top. I've always wanted one, but for some reason never bought one. I can't tell you how much I love that babydoll, in fact I just love to wear it when I have time to relax and take my time edging while watching some hot porn. Well, more on that in a later post, the reason I mention the babydoll is because it has brought me a new appreciation for bras. So, when I was at the store I noticed a lacy band bra hanging on one of the racks. It was white and looked sort of like a tube top, but much shorter and since there wasn't much of a cup, it actually looked like it might fit my body pretty well. I thought about buying it, but didn't (wrong size and last one), but it did get my mind on bras for myself for the first time.

I guess that's my long winded introduction to today's pictured item, the Glamorise "Complete Comfort Strapless Bra" on sale as you read this at Fresh Pair for $15.18. It's made of stretchy nylon and features a five hook, three row closure on the back. The bra comes in three colors, white, black and blush. I really want to give one of these a try, although unlike the ones I saw in the store, these seem to have an actual cup. The only bad thing about wearing a bra during playtime, at least for me, is that my nipples are covered and not accessible to stimulation (they're very sensitive). TMI...LOL? ;^) Well, if I get one, I'll let ya know how it goes.


Sheen V said...

Very nice! I have some bralettes that don't have an underwire - they're made for the A-cup and they fit very nicely.

badside said...

Sheen, I'd love to see those. Can you post them on your blog?