Friday, November 05, 2010

Thoughts on Lingerie

Voghdzuyin Readers! Sometimes I wonder what it is exactly that draws me to lingerie. I mean, I'm sure most men are attracted by lingerie in some way or another, but it seems to have a power over me that always draws me in. I like to think I have an eye for beauty and a fine appreciation for design, so that's probably part of it. Of course the female form is very pleasing to me as well. I enjoy the silky smoothness and the cool tactile sensation of a just put on pair of panties on my tender skin or hers or feeling her warm moistness through the slick material.

When I masturbate, I often choose to do it wearing lingerie or at least involving it in my playtime in some way. This has become almost automatic in that area, where I'll head straight to my lingerie the way most people head toward porn. I like both of course, but I guess the lingerie gives me an extra thrill, an added kink that makes everything I'm doing that much more naughty. It makes all the sensations seem to heighten, it's my drug of choice.

I remember as a young boy, looking at Playboy magazines and seeing the beautiful women in the pictures. Everything was so perfect, the beautiful girls, the lighting and soft focus, the makeup and of course the lovely lingerie all coming together to capture a perfect moment in time. I imagined their soft perfumed skin, so warm to the touch. Pure fantasy all rolled up in a photo.

Naturally, even as a very young man I desired the women sexually, but part of me, I think, yearned to be those girls, so perfect and beautiful in every way, to be desired and coveted. The fantasy for me isn't about having sex with a man, it's about being a girl.

When I watch porn, sometimes I wonder if I enjoy it because I secretly fantasize that I'm the pretty girl doing those dirty things. Maybe it's just that I empathize with the girls and imagine how much pleasure they're feeling while having intense sex. I used to think gang bang videos were gross and demeaning to women, but I'm a convert. I now see the women in those videos as the focal point of the pleasure; it's all being directed at her and for her. I saw one scene where a girl walks into a room where three guys are waiting for her. You can see on her face that she is quite excited by the idea of getting it on with these guys and as the action takes place, she definitely enjoys herself (as do they). The scene is incredibly hot.

PS: The photo of the day comes from lovely Vana over at I think in this photo she has captured that femininity that I spoke of; such beauty and grace (even motionless), so soft and sexy. The gentle ruffles on the edge of her dress, the hint of her satin private underthings barely visible through the fabric. You long to caress her don't you?!


Sheen V said...

That sums up my thoughts pretty much exactly! I do know how you fee. And great to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheen! I've wrote that post a while back, but was too chicken to post it. Glad you felt a connection.