Thursday, July 17, 2008


Howdy Readers! Well guess what? I finally shot my load yesterday. Yup, one day shy of the seven week mark. It was very nice and soothing. Feeling stressed out, I decided to stroke off to completion, so I popped in a DVD, slipped on some silky panties and got out the panties that were sent over to me. I sniffed at them while I watched the pretty girl enjoying herself in front of me. I imagined my lady friends were there with me, enjoying the show I was giving them. I fantasized about them getting off to me. I fought off about three orgasms, stroking my engorged cock with some silky satin panties. The sensations were mind boggling, tingling somewhere deep inside of me. I rubbed my nipples with the panties (that always drives me wild). Alas, the whole thing only lasted a paltry 40 minutes, but the release was magical after such a long wait. I guess the stress got to me and I just couldn't concentrate fully, so I let myself go over the edge. The cum was vast in quantity, being released with a powerful force and an unusually large amount of clear precum. Interestingly, it made a kind of hissing noise as the cum sprayed out. The cum itself didn't have the usual scent (or really any scent for that matter), nor was it the pearly white color that I'm accustomed to seeing. No, it had a yellow or even slightly orange tint to it. I think perhaps this was an indication that it was past it's expiration date. Sorry, that doesn't sound very sexy does it? Figured you curious types would like to know all the gruesome facts. Alas, there is still a lot of cum left in the sack which I plan to drain soon. If I had to guess I'd say it may not be all that healthy to hold out as long as I did, perhaps regular milkings are better, at least get the fluids changed. I would have taken a picture of the lake of cum, but my camera is with a friend on vacation, so no can do (same goes for the panties, for now at least...sorry Ross). I was hoping to cum at least two times in a row, but I was too stressed out and didn't have the time anyway. I've got to thank A Secrets for sending me her sweet lil undies and to my other panty patron (who shall remain anonymous) who sent me her sexy scented delicates...this cums for you!


Pantymaven said...

I was beginning to wonder if you were headed for celibacy. :-)

A. Secret said...

YAY!!!!! There isn't enough exclamation points for how excited I am about this! SEE, I told you it wasn't good for you to go that long. I am however, extremely turned on by the fact that you got off using my panties. Mmmmm!

Congrats handsome. Oh and champagne at my place!

Anonymous said...

Wow. rossrosser

Sheen V said...

Congratulations!! I think I'd still be going at it if I'd waited as long as you did! And you lucky dude you for having a pair of a. secret's panties. Hmm, how can I get a pair, too?

Anonymous said...

No celibacy for me PM!

A Secret: Can't say thanks enough for your helping hands in all this! ;^) Yup, as you suspected probably not good for the body to hold out that long.

Ross: Wow is right!

Sheen: Thanks buddy! You're right, I feel very lucky! Sorry to say it, but I think that was a one time deal with the panties from A Secret. She's very generous, but I doubt she can be send panties out to all her admiring fans! :^D

Have a great weekend everyone!

Riff Dog said...

Hey Sheen, maybe if you ask real nice, I'll send you a pair of my underwear, big boy!

; )

A. Secret said...

Hey Riffy, cuttin in on my action? ;-)

Jezebel VonTizzle said...

badside: 7 weeks!??!?!? holy fuck that is a long ass time...hats off or something. im not sure to congratulate you or slap you ;) hahahaha