Sunday, July 27, 2008

Inhibitions Lost

Namaste Readers! How's the weekend shaping up for you all? Hope you are having a good one. Yesterday, I watched a DVD at home called "In the Cut", starring the cute and lovely Meg Ryan. Meg spends half the movie running around topless, much to my delight. The story, I think, is meant to be a sort of "Basic Instinct" from a female perspective. She is a writer, a romantic poet who perhaps lives her life out through her writings. Her character, through dark serendipity, comes in contact with a mysterious man who opens her inner doors, doors she has always longed to be ripped open. During the movie, she has her pussy eaten and fucked as well as masturbated a couple of times, very nice. I can't recommend the film based on the story alone, it was just ok in my opinion, but if you are a fan of pretty Meg then you'll probably want to rent it. As I have stated in the past, I find women who are sexually uninhibited to be the biggest turn on, so the character here unleashing her sexual fires is quite exciting to me, enough so that I relieved a little sexual tension of my own after the movie. ;^)

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