Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bang a Gang!

Aloha Readers! How was your weekend? Hope you all had a great time. I didn't have much alone time so still no cummy for moi. It's getting dang close to seven weeks, but don't expect me to hold out much longer! Six weeks, five days...YIKES! Anyway, went to another summer street event and saw lots of pretty girls, ran into a few old (female) friends who I haven't seen in a few years there too. The ladies were still just as pretty as I remember.

I have a bunch of porno movies that I like to watch, but I seem to have certain ones that are favorites. One that I watched over the weekend was a gang bang. I used to not really like this genre, but now I find it much more of a turn on. The difference being my own train of thought, namely, it must be great for the girl to have all that male attention focused on her. Being a guy, I guess it was somewhat off putting to see that much man meat in the video and only one girl. The girl in the video is quite cute (the reason I bought it in the first place, ah, fooled by the cover again?). She takes on seven or eight guys in the movie and incredibly takes two not only up her vagina, but in her butt AT THE SAME TIME. One disappointment was that she didn't go "air tight", a term I recently learned which means one guy in each orifice at the same time. This is surprising because she does have guys in each hole at any given time of the movie, but never achieves the act of air tight. I'd like to think that if I were a girl, I'd want to try air tight at least once in my lifetime. Actually, I'm a little jealous that the ladies can do this, but there's no real equivalent for straight guys with three girls. I'd guess that in reality, it may be hard to get off for the girl because there's just so much happening at once. On the other hand maybe it's easier since she has less control and can maybe let go easier? Any of you ladies out there ever tried this? Would love to hear ALL about it! ;^) Oh, another turn off is that a couple of the dudes in the video are friggin' gross. One guy even wears a calculator watch, can you believe that? How freaking unsexy is that? I never really realized it because my focus is almost exclusively on the ladies, but a good looking and well groomed guy really does make it a lot easier to watch porn, even for us straight guys.

Lastly, the pic of the day comes from down under (sounds naughty doesn't it?). It's an Australian site called AbbyWinters.com that features girl next door looking women. If you like the natural look, then you may be interested in becoming a subscriber there. Once again, I'm not a subscriber to the site, just thought I'd turn you guys on to it.


A. Secret said...

Okay, this whole "air tight" thing? I dunno. For some reason I imagine it making my ears pop! However, I will say that I think it would be easier to get off getting lost in all that sensation. I know it sure as hell works that way with double penetration. Now who was it that was JUST mentioning a 3some?

Riff Dog said...

I like the "girl next door" type. Nice looking site . . . at least the free part.

Dude, I can't believe you're still mastering your own domain!

Sheen V said...

I *love* Abby winters - great stuff there! And I know what you mean about porn videos - the covers often are better than the content.

Anonymous said...

still hoping for pics of the donated panties...well, you know me.