Monday, July 23, 2012

Somber Joy


 It seems my special post number 555 idea is slowly slipping away.  If I had any inspiration to do one, I lost it while thinking about the tragedy that happened in Colorado. Enough about that though, as that turd shouldn't be given the power to take away our happiness, am I right?!  I did see the new Batman movie and as expected it was great fun.  Christopher Nolan knows how to do a Batman movie for sure!

I must admit that his pick for Catwoman, Anne Hathaway, wouldn't have been my first choice.  Although I find her to be pretty and even attractive, there is something about her that I also find not attractive.  I can't put my finger on it exactly, it's not her face or body.  Perhaps she reminds me of someone from my past, someone I didn't find attractive?  At any rate, she did a great job as Catwoman, sexy and smart and flawed morally, but not too far gone.  She looked great in her cat outfit too, as you can see above, she has a great body!  Hat's off to Ms Hathaway, you always seem to win me over.

As for the movie, I say go see it if you haven't already.  I'll be adding this to my movie collection eventually when the Blu Ray comes out. 

My best thoughts and wishes going out to the people affected by the tragedy in CO.  Peace and love everybody.


Pantymaven said...

Now that you mention it I find the same thing about her. I'm not a fan of women with big mouths (I'm not talking about what they say) and in some of her pictures that's about all you see.

badside said...

Hmm, still don't know what it is about her.