Monday, July 09, 2012

Ring Girlz

Waddup Readers?!!  It's Monday!  I know, you're wishing the weekend could have been a little longer.  Did you watch the UFC?  I tell you, one thing I love is the ring girls; they need to show them more and longer between rounds.  And of course my favorite girl is Arianny Celeste!  She's so beautiful, those eyes, that smile, and that body of hers, don't even get me started.  It'd be hard to find a girl prettier than her.  She's someone who no one could say she isn't pretty, whether they were attracted or not.  Anyway, have a look at her Maxim video below and see for yourself.


Pantymaven said...

I liked the clip! Even though you know she's "showing off" she has the ability to across as a "girl next door". No pouty lips... just a general wholesomeness... nice!

badside said...

Yup, I see that too PM. She's got a sweetness to her.