Monday, June 11, 2012

Free Shipping

Nitha midhikidh Readers!  How was your weekend?  Mine was OK (too bad about the Pac man). Had some fabulous orgasms, LOL, and got to take in some entertainment.  A slowish weekend all in all, which is a good thing mostly.

As for lingerie news, VS is having their semi annual sale right now, both in store and on the web so do stop by there if you are in need of a lingerie fix on the semi cheap.  To further entice you they are offering free shipping on $25 purchases and up on line until midnight tonight (June 11), so hurry on over.  Just type in the code ship25 when you check out for your discount.


Sheen V said...

Yeah! And I don't think I received the e-mail you sent earlier. Are you using the gmail addy?

badside said...

I'm not sure what addy it is. I was doing through the profile on your blog. There's an E-mail Sheen link that I clicked. I just sent a test e-mail the same way, me me know if you get it.