Monday, June 18, 2012

Is He a Perv?

Hola Readers!  I was doing a little house cleaning and found this old link to an article I'd found way back when.  Basically, the article is from an advice column and the person asking the question is a woman who is suspicious of a man she is interested in.  Suspicious because he seems to have a panty fetish, only she doesn't know what to call it.  The answer the columnist gives is pretty sound and surprisingly open minded considering the number of times I've read comments that just dismissed all lingerie fetishists as pervos.  I don't recall having posted it, so I'll go ahead and do so now.


perfect71ps said...

Yes, fairly sound, "calm down girl" advice, although

(a) "Panties turn him on because they make him think of the woman he's with" I've never heard that before, or felt it myself.

(b) What is "jazz flute"? Or is it just a kind of music?

badside said...

Hmm, I think that (a) can be true for many men. Panties represent something very sexual to most men (and women), so they can mean something different for each individual. Personally I love it when a woman gives me her panties to enjoy. If I wear her panties it does make me feel close to her.

Yeah, I think she's referring to a music genre with "Jazz Flute", a comical remark.

Pantymaven said...

It's somewhat ironic that you publish this at this time... :-) (see my Part 93d post)

badside said...