Friday, June 29, 2012


Grüezi Readers!

A girl once asked me in a post coital cuddle, "why do guys like fingering girls?".  I had to think about it for a second.  I mean, it was a good question.  It's not like the sensation on the fingers can cause the fingerer to orgasm, yet somehow this act comes so naturally and is something I've never heard of any guy not enjoying.

It's almost like you don't even think about it.  Make out, kiss, fondle, suck, rub, finger, fuck.  I think it's knowing that you're making the girl feel good, getting her off, turning her on, it makes you high.  The energy you get from her pleasure spurs you on as a lover.  It's pretty darn hard not to get excited by seeing a woman writhing in pleasure while you finger her vagina.  It's empowering to give another person pleasure.

I absolutely love to finger a woman and I love eating pussy.  I love how warm and slick she feels when I work my fingers into her.  I love the way pussy is so smooth and wet in my mouth and tongue.  I love hearing her moan when I go down on her.  I was talking to a friend and she was telling me how sometimes when she doesn't feel so fresh down there, she does not want a man's face in her privates.  I get it, no one wants to be thought of as unclean or unsanitary and nobody wants to go down on a stinky pussy either; well, OK, most people anyway.  It was so cute how she told me her methods of getting a man's attentions away from licking her.  Women are really the puppet masters in this world; naughty thing really knows how to get her way.

I do like a little scent though and I love it when I can smell her on my fingers later.  I don't know why this turns me on, but somehow smelling a pussy on my fingertips is a turn on.  It's almost primal the way that scent can instantly make a man horny.  It shoots to some core deep in your brain and alarm bells ring.  Somehow the scent gets under your nails and stays there for a while, even if you wash your hands.  It's kind of like a trophy, a reminder of the naughty things you did.  LOL, that reminds me of this guy I knew who was with this insanely jealous girl.  She used to accuse him of cheating on her all the time and would smell his fingers when he got home sometimes to check for pussy scent!  Not sure who should be more embarrassed in that situation, him or her?

So, why do guys like to finger?  For me anyway, it's enjoying the pleasure she is getting, knowing I'm making her feel good and getting her off.  When she gets off, it gets me off too.

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