Monday, August 01, 2011

The Upper Half

Sawubona Readers! Today I thought I'd talk about something other than panties, but still in the lingerie category; bras. In the last year or so, I've taken a new interest in bras. I even bought one for myself, which was OK, but not all that I was hoping for either. Being my first bra, I didn't really know too much about what to look for in any aspect, who would think it could be so complicated. It's no wonder they have whole episodes of Oprah dedicated to the subject of finding the right bra for oneself.

Since that initial purchase, I have been looking around for another, something that would be a better fit towards my fantasies. What I have discovered is that VS has really hurt the bra market with their lines of push up and curve enhancing bras. What happened to those wonderful bras of yesteryear that were no more than two nylon triangles draped over the breasts? Once thing I always love is feeling a woman's breasts through her bra. I love soft unpadded bras the best for that exact reason. Now when you go to feel those warm soft breasts through her bra, all you get is a handful of foam padding, stiff foam padding that reveals nothing of what lies beneath. What a let down!

As you already know I am a fan of lingerie, both for myself and to admire on my lady friends. I like to play around, kiss and fondle her through her pretty bra and panties. Slip my hands down her pantyhose or put my fingers in the tops of her stockings. Grab at her garter belt or run my hands up her back under her camisole. One thing I particularly love is feeling her breasts through her bra, slipping my hands under the cups from the middle and gently playing with her nipples, or slipping the straps down off her shoulders, pulling the bra down and letting her tits be cupped by the bra while it's still strapped around her body, then suckling her nipples. When I do that I don't want to hard foam cups hanging there between me and her. It's even worse if its a push up bra!

Anyway, looking around on the internet you will see that other brands also have these thick foam cups in their bras too. I really want to find a nice unpadded bra, something more organic that feels sensual, not just looks good through clothes. Anyone have a good recommendation for me?


Sheen V said...

Try searching on "bralette" or something similar.

Pantymaven said...

I'm with you! No padding for me either. I'm fortunate that my wife never saw the need for the extra "help". Of course, the fact that she was a 34C helped... :-)

badside said...

Thanks Sheen, I'll look into that.

PM: You are lucky indeed!