Monday, August 15, 2011

Gingham Garter

Apa Khabar readers! How are you all doing today? Did you know that the word gingham is derived from the Malay language? The Malay word is ging-gang, which means striped. Interesting, no?

As most of the long time readers around here know, I really have a hard time resisting the purchase of lingerie when I spot something especially nice. I've been doing pretty well in holding off lately, although I do break down now and again in moments of weakness. Pistured abouve is one item recently obtained in just such a moment. It's a VS garter belt with mathcing panty and bra set. I only bought the garter belt, but thinking back maybe I should have got the whole set.

I really like this garter belt a lot. It's a nice shade of pink with cute green accents. The green is a surprisingly bright shade, but somehow it really works with the softer pink, kudos to the design team that picked those colors. The stripes are flowery with a sheer fabric between them. On the front there is a wonderful ruffled edge at the bottom center and a cute green bow at the center waistband. Not really apparent in the picture is the green piping around the top of the waistband and bottom edge with a cute eyelet lacy edge. The back tapers down to a narrow strap with one metal hook on it. Generally I like there to be a double hook on my garter belts, but this one is fine and seems to be holding up well. The stocking clasps are metal also, another good feature that I look for in a quality garter belt.

I actually found this on sale, so I doubt if you will be able to get your hands on one, but if you do, I can recommend you buy it for yourself. It's very cute and I found that it was a lot nicer in person than it looks in pictures.


oldblue said...

At least the panties.

badside said...

Blue, yeah, kind of regret not getting the panties. Next time.