Thursday, August 04, 2011

Beautiful Views

Leh Readers! How is your week going? I went to the store the other day and got a nice treat. There was a pretty sales girl who was showing me something and bent forward to reveal a wonderful view of her breasts hanging there in her top. She stayed that way for a long time and I couldn't take my eyes from her. They were magnificent. Her coworker was there too and was obviously seeing the same thing as me, but I suppose not to embarrass the poor thing she said nothing, which made the moment last even longer and somehow made it all the more enjoyable. Perhaps the coworker even enjoyed getting a peek herself!

LOL, that reminds me of a girl I was dating who had this loose fitting white top. The collar area was scooped down and when she'd bend forward I could see her tits quite easily which I loved. I told her so too. I don't think she realized how much I could see. Anyway, we went to a house party together one night and there was a pool table. Of course she had on the very top I just told you about and you guessed it as the night went on we ended up at the pool table. Well, I'm sure the guys we were playing against were quite delighted to get a wonderful view of her tits. They didn't let on, but I'm sure they saw those beauties hanging there every time she lined up her shots! Wonderful girl, I miss her, and no not just because of her loose fitting top!


Sheen V said...

I always wonder if when they dress like that if they know how much others can see and if they don't mind others looking. I was at a bar over the weekend and the female bartender had a dress with a V-neck that came down to just below her breasts. Since she had ~D-cup breasts there was no hiding her cleavage, and they were at about eye-level of the patrons seated at the bar. I couldn't help looking!

Pantymaven said...

On holiday I ended up at one of those "Sports Bars" with many, many TV's and all tuned into a different event. In any case the waitress that waited on our group was fairly good looking and was wearing a white blouse with a charcoal gray bra. Because it was Soooo noisy, the girl had to bend over to hear our individual orders giving each side of the table quite a view of her pink boobs contrsated against the gray bra. Stimulating would be the word.

badside said...

I'd guess it's usually no accident that sports bar waitresses wear something revealing. It's a smart way to get extra tips. I know some women think it's demeaning, but I see nothing wrong with it. It's the guys who are getting suckered out of their money! The woman is the one in control, not the patrons.