Thursday, July 07, 2011

More TV Panties

Salu Readers! How is your week going? Just thought I'd pop in with some quick panty news. I was watching a rerun of the TV show "Rules of Engagement" the other day and caught a nice panty moment. The main characters Jeff and Audrey have a new upstairs neighbor Liz played by Wendi McClendon Covey (pictured above). This new neighbor is annoying to them and has the hots for Jeff and sort of mildly flirts with him. So the three of them are going up in the elevator and Liz had her basket of laundry with her and when Jeff and Audrey get out of the elevator, Liz says "Oops, Jeff you made me drop my panties!". He turns around and sees a pair of nylon grannys on the floor. He is grossed out and picks them up with his shoe. There are jokes peppered into the script about the panties throughout this episode.

Wendi is supposed to be unattractive in this show, but somehow I find her desperation to be a turn on and of course I'm sure I'm reacting the opposite of what I'm supposed to, but I think her nylon grannys are hot too!

I'm definitely starting to think there's a panty fetishist working on that show somewhere as you may recall my previous post about Audrey's dress being caught in the elevator, revealing her panties. I knew I liked this show, now I can't miss it in case there's more panties to be seen!


Pantymaven said...

Hmmmm... Don't know how I missed the previous post but certainly interesting. :-) Do you know the title of the episode in your current post?

badside said...

PM: Not sure, but I think it may be the episode "Singing and Dancing".