Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Worst Day at the Office?

Pitsupai Readers! What sorts of TV do you like to watch, if any? I like all kinds of shows, but of course I tend to gravitate to shows that feature women I am physically attracted to. One show I like for that reason and because I think it's pretty funny is Rules of Engagement starring Megyn Price. She's one of those girls who has some real sex appeal. Of course as a regular viewer of the show I'm always hoping to see something sexy happen on the show. It's in reruns right now and I just caught an episode last week that I must have missed. In this episode, Megyn's character Audrey is accused of sexually harassing a male coworker (a guy should be so lucky). She thinks the whole thing is a misunderstanding and so she tries to clear the air by talking to the guy. In her attempt at stopping him to talk, she blocks the elevator door and her dress is caught up.

I practically jumped out of my chair when I saw this scene! Megyn's body is fantastic, so juicy! The panties they chose for her are quite nice as well. They look to be nylon in a full back of course (it is prime time TV after all, so no thongs), nice style and color. I wonder if white panties would have been too provocative?

Well, needless to say they've made a bigger fan of the show out of me. I encourage you to take a look at the show when you get a chance, it really is pretty funny.


Sheen V said...

Too hot! Now my mind is wandering in a very pervy way...

badside said...

That's the idea Sheen! Glad you liked the pics.