Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shopping Day

Gruezi Readers! I went shopping the other day and checked out a few flagship stores downtown. One store I'd been wanting to check out was Forever 21. They have tons of cute things on the on line store, but I wanted to see them in person. The store I went to was HUGE. It probably has every single item on the web site and then some.

The clothes, in style did not disappoint, but there is a reason for the low prices, besides the cheap labor provided by people in third world countries. The overall quality seems OK at best. These clothes are disposable, like IKEA furniture, it's meant to be fashionable for a short time then tossed. Too bad because they really do have some great designs. The materials and fabrics were slightly coarse and didn't feel like high quality. This was my observation at a quick glance, although they may get better with washing. You know how that favorite shirt of yours seems to get better and softer every time it gets washed?

For the purpose of looking cute for a short time the clothes are just fine. I suppose if you have a daughter who wants to be fashionable, this is a great spot to shop at as you can achieve that goal easily and on a tight budget.

I was tempted to get a few things, but was able to stop myself. To me I think that spending a little more would serve me better, plus I'm developing a problem with disposable anythings. I don't like the idea that we are filling our world with trash and we should be thinking more long term in all aspects of our lives. I'll leave it at that, since this blog is not about ecology. Just some food for thought.

I decided to put my budget toward some lingerie after all was said and done. Can't seem to go wrong buying some cute lingerie! More on that later.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments about not filling the world with trash. I think it is very important for us to conserve our resources. I love cute clothes as much as anyone (and that skirt is definitely cute!) but I want to be wise with my choices. Thanks for pointing that out....and I hope the lingerie you bought was very sexy....

badside said...

Hi Mandy, so glad you liked my idea about conservationism. I'll be posting about the new lingerie soon.