Monday, July 25, 2011

Sex Symbol

Hi Ha Readers! When you think of a sex symbol, someone who summarizes and really brought the concept to a modern level, I think one name stands at the top of the list; Marilyn Monroe. She was before my time, but even after all these years her legacy continues to shine brightly. Whatever sexual dynamic energy that all women have in them, she had it bursting at the seams. She epitomized sexiness for a whole generation of people and remains iconic in that way. I'm sure many a woman wanted to be her, I'm sure so did many a man!

And what makes me bring up the subject of a sexy superstar of the past? Well, I happened to be reading an article about a sculpture that is now on display in Chicago that depicts Marilyn's lower half with her skirt blowing up from one of her movies. I think you'd have to be some sort of disconnected hermit not to recognize where this came from or who it is, even without the head and face on it. Anyway, the wonderful artist has the back of the skirt up nice and high so you can see her full coverage granny panties under there.

The sculpture is supposed to be 26 feet tall so that's quite an upskirt! So any of you in the Chicago area do go down and have a look at this masterpiece.


Pantymaven said...

WOW!!! Now that's what I call an "UPSKIRT"!!!!

BTW: Where did you get the pix? Were there any more?

badside said...

PM, there were other pics of the sculpture, but it was difficult to find a good one of the panties. Most were of the front with the skirt covering the panties. Try a google search, there may be more available now.

Pantymaven said...

Thanks... :-)