Monday, July 11, 2011

Bit of Advice

Hola Readers! How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one. It's 7-11 day...Yay! I think if you go down to 7-11 today you can get a free mini Slurpee, yum! Man, I love Slurpees...LOL, ooohhh, brain freeze! Just think of panties and I'm sure your brain and other parts will unfreeze quickly!

I know many of you are in relationships and that some of you have s/o's that are encouraging of your proclivity to wear panties, but I'd guess the majority of you do not enjoy that support from your loved one. In fact I'm certain that many of you hide your panty fetish from your girl for fear that she may have a deeply negative reaction. This may be wise in some way, but then again, you may be missing out on having a new and pleasurable aspect to your sexual relationship with her.

Of course, you can't just spring it on her out of the blue, especially if she has no clue and you've been together a long time. The shock might be too much. Think about how you'd feel if she suddenly told you something shocking and how you might react.

On that note, today I thought I'd throw you a link to an interesting article giving a little advice about coming out to your loved one about your desire to wear lingerie. Have a read, it's a pretty good article.

Hopefully it all works out fine and the two of you can make nice together like the two pretty girls pictured above! Wouldn't that be nice to lounge around in lingerie together?


Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful. I would give anything to be the girl on the bottom in that pic in my pretty panties with my girlfriend rubbing my bottom....mmmm

badside said...

That would be wonderful! A girl can dream, right Mandy?! ;^)

Sheen V said...

Love that picture!