Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughts on Panty Nabbing

Hanik Readers! I was watching an old recording of Law and Order LA the other night and the story revolved around a man who enjoyed cross dressing. He had escalated his crimes from stealing panties and lingerie to rape and murder. In the course of the investigation against him the police found pictures of him wearing lingerie. The cops didn't seem all that shocked about it.

I wonder how many panty thieves there are out there. I bet there are a lot if you include crimes of opportunity; people who would take a woman's panties if they were easily available. I wonder if a girl would feel slighted if she had left her panties out and a man didn't steal them? Or conversely, would she feel somehow complimented if a man did steal her panties? At least she'd know he thought of her sexually. I guess it'd be a mixed bag in the end, her perhaps feeling creeped out or violated and yet somehow satisfied knowing she was sexually relevant.


Pantymaven said...

From a personal experience where someone stole a couple of pairs of my wife's panties off a clothes line... her reaction was "I hope he enjoys them!" and that was it. Nothing else. I tried to draw her out a bit but all she did was to shrug her shoulders. Her indifference might have been caused by the fact that she had so many and had never really focused on which ones she wore, leaving it up to me to choose.

JamieLin said...

Well, Fred, what guy doesn't like it when a gal puts on one of his shirts, particularly a dress shirt? And if they don't accept the offer to keep it, doesn't feel a little hurt? So I guess maybe they feel the same, but I can't say I've ever had a woman urge me to try on or even take her panties. I seem to recall making my way home with panties back in high school, but it's not something I even think about anymore.

Crossdressing is just not something that comes up when I'm with a woman. It's a substitute for women. It's strange too because as I've written extensively, during sex with women I've started having these gay and cuckold fantasies and even blurted them out at times. So why doesn't it ever occur to me to suggest trying on her panties and bra?

Nick said...

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Nick said...

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