Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Babydoll

Howdy Readers! I had some spare time, so I went down to the mall Saturday. This mall has a Frederick's so whenever I'm there I like to stop in there and browse. I had actually been looking at their web site recently, so I was kind of hot to buy myself a new babydoll. They had two long sale racks right in the middle of the store, so I dove right in. There were a few items I liked, but I decided that I'd try and keep any purchasing to a minimum. Long story short, I found several babydolls I liked, and the one that went home with me was really cheap, only ten dollars.

The babydoll comes with a matching g string panty, both are smooth white satin. For some reason g strings can feel really good when you wear them. Something about the snug fit over your sensitive spots? Getting back to the top, the breast area is a stretch lace with little opalescent sequins scattered over it. The shoulder straps are flat spaghetti style thin and I like how they come to a V when joining the front lace. The joint at the V is covered with a pretty bow, a nice touch. The bottom of the skirt kind of flares out which makes it perfect for layering with a nice ruffle panty underneath. I wore my skirted ruffle garter panty with this and it matched perfectly. The bottom edge of the skirt has a slight scalloping which gives it a slight wave.

The materials used on this item are nice although ever so slightly on the heavy handed side. The satin is smooth but has a thickness to the touch and the lace could be a little softer, although both of these may change for the better after the item gets laundered.

Overall I'd say this was nothing but a successful purchase, a bargain at $10 for sure. Run on down to your Frederick's and get yourself one before they are gone. There were probably four different style babydolls there on sale when I was looking. Most of the others were around $20 after discount, still a great deal and considering they were a little more fancy than this one is, priced appropriately.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't bought anything from Fred's in a long while. I find their stuff to look nice, but feel cheap; and as you know, sensations are important.