Friday, May 06, 2011

Stroke It!

According to my friend and fellow blogger Sheen, May is "Masturbation Month". And here I was thinking every month was masturbation month! Actually I'm off to a good start (or is that got off to a good start?!) having jerked it almost every day this week so far.

So in following Sheen's theme, how do I do it? If time is not a constraint, I like to draw it all out. Best case scenario, I take a shower to get relaxed and comfy. I'll use my Victoria's Secret body wash which smells really good and gets me in the mood. Then I'll put on some lingerie, as Sheen pointed out, the tactile sensations are wonderful and highly stimulating. If I have a lot of time I might even spritz on some VS body spray as well, man that stuff smells so good and it's stimulating another sense.

At this point I'm usually extremely turned on because to me lingerie is a huge turn on (duh). I'll usually be wearing some stockings, a garter belt, panties, maybe a mini skirt or slip and lately my new babydoll top or camisole. By now, I'm oozing and rock hard and I'll either start looking at pictures on my computer or select some porn discs to watch on TV. I feel most comfortable sitting in front of the TV on my nice soft chair which I put a towel on to keep any messiness from ruining it.

I like to stroke the sensitive parts of my body with a silky pair of panties and sometimes I'll sniff a pair of used panties while I'm pleasuring myself. I'm lucky enough to have a pretty good collection of used panties that women have given me and nowdays there are lots of women who sell theirs online. I feel the more senses you can stimulate during play time the more intense the whole experience is and to me a woman's scent is highly stimulating.

Now as I said earlier, if there is no time constraint (which is almost never) then I will edge myself for hour after hour, giving myself multiple mini orgasms without fully releasing. The sensations get stronger and stronger and very stroke can feel like doing a line of coke (not that I'd know exactly, but that's what I think). I have found that you can go too far sometimes and that the orgasm at the end may not be as powerful as it could be if you edge too long. There is definitely a point where the orgasm is strongest after a perfect amount of edging. Your results may vary, but hey I'm sure you'll enjoy all the "research" time you put in.

In honor of nat'l jack off month, I'm going to try and finish my review of the Fleshlight which I started working on long ago and never finished (ironic ain't it?!). So look for that in the near future.


Sheen V said...

Great method! I love to edge, the longer the better. And I'd really love to have a Fleshlight!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your blog... new follower :) Z

Pantymaven said...

I'd like to see the poster for the females... :-)

badside said...

Sheen: Look for the Fleshlight review before ordering, I have a few tips.

Anon: Welcome to the Badside, hope to see you around here a lot!

PM: LOL! Me too!

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