Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Who Knows?

JamieLin recently posted about not wanting the men in her life to know about her little sexual deviations. I think that it goes without saying that most of us are in the same boat on that one. In fact I'm sure some part of the thrill is getting away with it under these people's noses. Wearing those sexy panties to work or a dinner with friends. I'm sure even women get the same thrill too, having a pretty lacy bra or some sexy lingerie on under your work clothes, what a thrill, right?! A personal victory right there under your clothes, it's somehow empowering.

JL's post made me ponder who knows what about me. I mean we've all had friends over to our places. Did they open a drawer and see some panties? Perhaps they used our computer and found evidence of a lingerie search or some naughty pics? Or maybe it was just our behavior outing us; that little sparkle in your eye whenever someone mentions panties. Or the time you wore a thong to the party and someone noticed the VPL through your pants, but never said anything. What do they know? How do they know? Am I just being paranoid?

I used to wear panties to work occasionally and my job allowed me to wear shorts when the weather was hot, a nice perk. As many men's shorts are, the ones I wore were rather loose around the legs, even though the length was long enough not see anywhere near my panties. The problem was that I'd often hit the workout room (another great perk) after work wearing these same shorts. I suspect that at some point some of the regulars in the gym may have seen up my shorts at some point or perhaps a lacy or frilly waistband when my t shirt rode up.

The reason I suspect they knew is that one day a new guy was in the gym. I knew him from around work, although I never worked with him directly. Anyway, I was wearing a wife beater tank under my t shirt and when I began to sweat, I guess my shirt began to stick to it and reveal the tank underneath. The guy looked at me and nervously asked what I was wearing. It wasn't like a matter of fact question, there was definitely more meaning to his question than "what are you wearing under your shirt". I pulled up my shirt and showed my wife beater and said it was just a tank top and the guy looked relieved; a strange reaction I thought. I suppose I could have probed and asked why the hell he cared what I was wearing, but I left it at that. Perhaps I was afraid to know the truth; that the guys were talking behind my back; that everyone at work knew I wore panties. I guess I'll never really know as that job is ancient history now and most of those guys have probably long forgotten about me, but I'll always have my suspicions. Who knows about you? Maybe you don't even know!


Pantymaven said...

I don't have the same concerns as you in that I don't wear panties. However, my main concern is if something were to happen to me and my rather large stash of panties is uncovered. My children (and their husbands) have no idea of my fetish and I often think of what they'll think of their father and what I was doing with all those panties.

badside said...

Hmm, that's a tough one PM. Don't know if there's any easy way out of it, except to dump your stash at some point.

I've thought the same thing at times; what would my loved ones think if they found my considerably sized stash? Of course there are a lot worse things in the world than a bunch of panties.

On a side note, it makes me wonder if panty fetishes run in families or if they're individual things. Would you be shocked to learn that your son or male relative was a panty fetishist?

Sheen V said...

There's only a very few folks IRL that know about my CD'ing. And then there are the unknown others that have seen me crossdressed when I've traveled. It would be interesting to have a friend that knows & encourages it.

Pantymaven - you need a 'shovel buddy' - someone that will take care of your stash if something happens to you.

badside said...

Sheen: I'll be your buddy and give you encouragement, if only over the internet.

JamieLin said...

I did? If you say so.

I too wonder. Will they think they're memories or mine? Left-behinds from girlfriends past? When they're out of the house and in storage, doesn't seem so worrisome, but when they're left home? Kinda scary thinking about it.

My BIGGER worry though is what happens if the Executor some court thinks they must hire a hacker to break into my computer files and they discovery my porn stash and blog. What sort of mess would that leave behind?

By the way, that photo is fan-frickin'-tastic! (Please just don't tell me it's a picture of you.)

Anonymous said...

It's not me in the pic JL. I wish I could take pics of myself, but it's hard to do. Gives me greater appreciation to those that are able to. Nowdays, I think when breaking into someones computer the surprise isn't finding porn, it's what kind! Hopefully they'll just toss your laptop in the e recycle bin and not bother trying to search all your files.