Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Additions

Werte Readers! As you've no doubt noticed, I've added a few blogs to my ever growing list. They all have interesting things to say and read about. Let's go down the list for a quick rundown of who's who.

I've been reading Mommy Has A Headache for a few years now. The author, Emma, is quite witty and often writes the most hilarious things regarding events and people in her life. The Candy Pitch and Ginger Valentine's are both burlesque themed blogs, something many who are regulars here will no doubt enjoy. Next up we have Rianna Bethany's fashion blog which chronicles some of her design work, very interesting to see art as fashion taking shape and evolving as it comes directly from the artist herself. The Ruination of JamieLin (don't you just love that title?) is a blog that I'm sure some of you have already seen as she is a commenter here sometimes. Her blog is always full of insight and deep thought mixed and sprinkled with sexuality and horniness. Then lastly we have Maid Diane's Sissy Blog where naughty T-girl Diane gets put in her place by her Mistress and we get to watch!

Today's picture is from Sheerio, a web site I've posted about in the past. Sheerio features a daily rotating picture album of lingerie clad women as well as some lingerie ads, all for free! Go to Sheerio.com or click on the new links over there on the side and have a look at some of the blogs.


Treacle said...

Great finds, all! I'm definitely going to check out the burlesque blogs now that I'm taking a burleque class.

Pantymaven said...

Sherio has been on my "favorites" list for 10 years.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Badside, that praise was never deserved but particularly not now. I just wish I had something worthwhile to throw up for ya. The best I can offer is my thanks.

badside said...

Treacle: TY, glad you like them! :^)

PM: Me too, although maybe not quite as many years.

JamieLin: You're very welcome. Take your time, we'll be waiting for that next post. ;^)

maiddiane said...

A rotating album of lingerie pics! i luv it and your blog. Also, thanx for the mention.