Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Web Lingerie

Xmandyu Readers! And how is your week shaping up so far? Nothing much happening here right now, although I am expecting a package in the mail this week which may or may not contain some frilly goodies that could end up on a certain blog at some point. ;^) And speaking of mail order lingerie, I found a few juicy items that may pique your interests over at Overstock.com (pictured above). Starting at the top we have Popsi Lingerie's two piece baby doll and thong (Item#: 12504708) for $39.99. Next are also from Popsi, the Flamingo Love (Item#: 12504625) and Cherry Skulls (Item#: 12472542) cami and short pant sets going for $26.99 each. Lastly we have the Illusions stretch floral print babydoll with matching thong for $24.99 (Item#: 11901118). I don't own anything from either of those brands, so I couldn't testify to their quality, but they sure look cute in the pics!

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