Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hot Coffee Outrage

Om Swastyastu Readers! How is your weekend going? I was doing a quick scan of the internetz and found this little gem ( over at the CBS site of all places (sorry had to make it copy n paste). People love a good lingerie story don't they?

The short version is that a drive up coffee shack in Bellevue, Washington is featuring scantily clad ladies who serve up the hot frothy beverages. The local residents are up in arms and want the place shut down. I just don't understand what the F is so offensive about this business. It's not like someone couldn't go to the beach and see exactly the same thing or better for freebees and not even have to buy coffee at all. And it's not like the ladies are walking the streets (or even parking lot in this case) in their unmentionables. Even better, the clients can only drive through, so they can't even really sit there and ogle the ladies at all. I'm sure the prudes will find some way of shutting the operation down after which they'll go home and guzzle some hard liquor, snort coke, pop some pills or do whatever else they do at home while telling their kids not to have sex until they get married and don't do drugs. Get a life people and let other people enjoy theirs the way they want, not how YOU want them to.

Ironically, I would bet the people protesting are the biggest pervos of all since they obviously find it so highly sexual that they feel the need to get a mob together and march down to city hall. Here's another article covering the same story.

BTW, the red polka dot bra and matching skirted garter thong the first girl on the video is wearing is from VS. I have the thong and I just love it, look for it in a later review.


Pantymaven said...

I actually saw a video newsclip of this. What was interesting, to me, in the clip was that they interviewed a lady who was buying coffee there, She was asked if she was offended in any way and she said "no". She liked the coffee and the service was good.

badside said...

Yeah, I think people are really overreacting to the whole bikini thing. I could see if it was a full nude strip club serving hard liquor and over run with junkie biker gangs or something, but that coffee shack is pretty harmless and not worthy of the negative attention.

JamieLin said...

BS, are you sure these are "prudes?" This sounds more like the "we must save these employees from exploitation and stop the general objectification of women" crowd.

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badside said...

JamieLin, that's certainly an aspect I hadn't really considered in my knee jerk reaction! ;^) Actually, I doubt that the people are worried too much about the women working there, who seem to be fine and even happy as far as I can tell. At least they're no more miserable than any of the rest of the work force who trudge off to work five days a week! :^)