Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Greeting Readers! How's things? Posted for your pleasure today is a lovely lacy white thong from the adult amateur web site Only the Real Deal. I'm not a member there so I couldn't tell you if it's any good, but I sure love this pic.

I applaud X Files star David Ducovney for coming forward with his porn addiction. I can imagine that it must have been very difficult for him to make that particular type of addiction public knowledge. I think people have now grown accustomed to other addictions and can understand them, but there is still some stigma or shame connected with sexual matters, at least here in the US. I wonder though, if there truly is such a thing as a porn or even sex addiction. We are prewired to long and crave sex. It's a natural tendency and one that has kept the human race procreating since forever (hmm that's a lot of fucking!).

I have a coworker who said his wife doesn't like watching porn. I have sometimes wondered what it is exactly that makes us (or is it just me) want to watch other people having sex. We don't watch other people eating although it's also a pleasurable activity. No that would probably gross us out, wouldn' t it? Somehow watching sex is a turn on, yet at it's core, it is just a bodily function, nothing more. So why is it a turn on to watch? Do monkeys get horny if they see monkey porn with two (or more) monkeys going at it? I wonder. Come to think of it, I guess watching someone else eat can make us hungry, so perhaps watching fucking makes us horny in the same way? Food for thought.


Sheen V said...

Those are some good questions. Can't say that I have all the answers, but men are much more visual than women, so the visual aspects of porn certainly cater to us. There's also the fantasy aspect of it - one can imagine what it would be like to participate in the porn that they're watching. No matter the answer, I do like it too!

Rambeau said...

Perhaps it's because I'm not from the video age, or maybe my limited access to porn back in the day, but I find it makes me even more horny to read a good short story describing the scene in words than watching it. Well, okay, I'll take both.

badside said...

I enjoy a good erotic read too. Love Penthouse forums!