Thursday, October 23, 2008

Problem at Home?

Welcome readers! The pic of the day comes from yet another lingerie fetish site; Mistress Jessica's. As I said, the site caters to lingerie pervs (myself included), so lots of silky nylon panties, slips and such to ogle there. Give it a look sometime, although once again, I'm not a member, so caveat emptor.

I spotted this in the paper and found it pretty funny coming from my perverted point of view, but I could see how a "regular" guy might not find it too comical to be in that situation. At any rate, I couldn't have asked for a better topic to post here on my blog, read on.

DEAR ABBY: I am in my 70s, on Social Security and in my second marriage. My wife, "Irene," is in her early 50s and holds a good job. She also holds the purse strings, and allows me $5 a week for coffee with my friends. I drive a little scooter, and Irene has given me a gas credit card so I can get around.

Last week, I told her that I need some underwear and asked her for her store credit card. She said she has a drawer full of nylon panties and that I should wear them instead. She said when they are worn out she will buy me some new men's underwear. She also said she didn't want to waste any money on me since the panties are still wearable.

What if someone finds out? Irene says that since I'm over 70 it doesn't matter. Do you think this is right? -- PREFERS BRIEFS

Sounds like "Prefers" is actually into humilitation seeing as to how he wrote into a nationaly syndicated column about his little problem. Add to that the fact that he lets his wife humiliate him in front of his friends by giving him his piddly $5 allowance. How the heck does this guy last a week on $5 for coffee? Around here it can cost $5 for ONE cup of joe and that's with NO tip. LOL!! That's why I don't drink coffee! ;^P Anyway, me thinks Prefers should try on his wife's silky undies. You know you want to and you secretly want your friends to know about it too!


Rambeau said...

Now there's an idea! Maybe I could get my girlfriend to give me her used panties and save me the money I spend on my own! BTW, what was Abby's answer?

Pantymaven said...

Interesting... :-)

OT: Sorry about not commenting for a while (or posting at "FancyPanties") for a while. I've got a bad back and really "tweaked" it this time. I spent a few weeks in bed and am now getting back to some semblance of normalcy. However, sitting here at the keyboard is still painful so my visits will be short for a little longer. I hope to be back "full time" soon.

badside said...

rambeau: Oops! Guess I should have included the answer, eh?! Basically, Abby told the guy he should go out and get himself a part time job so he can have some money to do with what he pleases. She found no humor (or delight) in having the guy wear his wife's panties.

PM: Sorry to hear about the back, get well soon. I'll be looking forward to your future postings.