Friday, October 10, 2008

Classic Review

Greetings Readers! How was your week? Well, don't cry, the weekend is here to make it all better. And what better way to spend some of that weekend time than a nice porno movie at home? Yes, it's time for the Badside to review another blast from the past (in more ways than one). The movie is titled "Amber Aroused" and stars of course Amber Lynn, porn queen of the 80's. Bet you didn't know that Amber actually had a sibling in porn, her brother (Buck Adams) was in many a fuck film himself, although, thank goodness they never fucked each other. I guess even porn stars have some standards!

The story starts with our lady driving along when suddenly her car breaks down. A fake Burt Reynolds stops and picks her up and is rewarded with a nice cock sucking while he drives. She gets to her destination, a big house in the hills where she is applying for the live in maid position. Of course she wins the job and moves her things in right away and that night decides to celebrate by masturbating in her room. This scene has an orgasmic fantasy sequence where she imagines herself fucking the couple who hired her. She finishes herself off with a nice vibrator cumming on the bed while the pervy neighbor watches from the window.

The next day she seduces the lady of the house (played by Crystal Breeze) after "accidentally" touching her in the privates whilst giving her a full body massage. Not a bad scene to tug your man meat to given that both ladies are very pretty with sexy bods. One thing of note, the movie is from the 80's so there are actual pubic hairs on the ladies. I know, some of you didn't even know that grown women have pubes, yes, it's true and the evidence is right here on the movie. Anyway, our little Amber is all about equality so she goes on to suck the man of the house to a nice orgasm as well.

The pervy neighbor, played by Ron Jeremy (who else) ends up getting to play submissive to Amber in the pool, eating her pussy underwater. That scene didn't do a whole lot for me, but the next one did. After Amber serves dinner, she sneaks back into the dining room on her hands and knees and proceeds to eat wifey's pussy under the table unbeknownst to hubby. The visual on this scene is great, with Amber in her French maid outfit lifting wifey's skirt and pulling down her silky panties. After wifey has her secret orgasm, she excuses herself from the table and Amber goes to work on hubby's stiff cock. Mmm, what a way to cap off a meal!

Next, we find out that Amber is here for a purpose and that purpose is to get the couple to loosen up sexually. You see, wifey has been refusing to suck hubby's cock, telling him to just get on top like usual while she lays there like a rubber doll. Well, beyond her oral lessons that they have been getting individually, our Amber has something else very special in mind. Yes, the cocktail party at the house shall be more fun than any of the guests had imagined. Amber puts her special love potion in the punch bowl and voila, instant orgy. This includes the stupid robot that's on the cover picture above. They glued on a dildo to it and made it fuck some girl at the party, not very convincingly I might add.

Her job now complete, Amber packs her bags and is off into the night to find another couple in need of some lessons.

I give this movie seven out of ten stars. The fantasy scene did it for me, with soft focus and good lighting, great editing and pacing, it was by far the best scene in the movie. The other scenes were just OK and typical. Amber is lovely and I find Crystal Breeze particularly fetching with a slinky, sexy body topped with natural perky breasts. Of course I could be biased because I just loved seeing her spread her panty covered crotch open for Amber under the table. I say give it a rent if you can find it.

Well, that's it for now, have a great weekend everyone!


oldblue said...

Glad to see you back to posting I thought maybe something had happened to you. I remember Amber's movies well. Not my favorite although they did look like grown-up women in those days. Still fun to part some hair.

badside said...

Thanks OldBlue, glad to be back!

Semi-Celibate Man said...

Ahhhh, I definitely remember Amber Lynn. I came of age - at least porn age - in the early 80's. She was hot!

Great blog.