Monday, August 18, 2008

Vintage Gold Mine

Dia duit readers! How was your weekend? Hope you all had a good relaxing time. Mine was fairly uneventful, which for me is a good thing! The panty pic of the day is one I'm sure all the vintage lingerie lovers will enjoy. I have no clue as to the maker or actual vintage of these lovely pastel blue panties, perhaps an expert can chime in and enlighten the rest of us? In the name of the advancement of panty and lingerie lovers all over the globe, I put on an endless and tireless pursuit for material which will be of interest for all of you. OK, I just browse porn and when I find something that would be good for the blog, I paste it up here for ya. Today we have Dollhouse Bettie, a website and brick and mortar store located in a city known for it's debauchery, San Francisco. This little treat sells vintage and classic lingerie as well as dabbling in photography. I have to think that the owner(s) of the store must be some sort of Bettie Page fanatic(s). The website is very tasteful and fun to browse. I'm sure some of you will make it a regular stop on your net surfing. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have told you guys, there might be a fight over all the panties! :^)


Pantymaven said...

The site is another great find! I've bookmarked for future reference. As to the panties in your picture, they are a "first" for me. I'd sure like to know where they came from! The lace on the backside is definitely unique... but very nice!. It made my day!!!

badside said...

Glad you liked the pic PM. I'll be sure to let ya know who makes 'em if I ever find out.