Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hola Readers! How is your week going? Almost the weekend again! So guess who's posting his second HNT pic? At the risk of turning away all my male readers, I thought I'd throw another pic out for the ladies. Featured this week is a little skin from the clavicle area. Do you know that feeling you get when you work up a good sweat? Your body feels like it's glowing as the blood pumps through you. Don't you love that? I recall a hot and humid summer evening with a past GF. Her place was on the top floor of the building and it was like a sauna in there that night. We made hot, sweaty love for hours until our bodies were completely drenched and drained of all fluids. You could barely breathe the air was so hot and steamy. The windows were open, but we didn't care as we fucked each other for all the world to hear and see, like two wild animals in a tropical rain forest.


A. Secret said...

You paint such decadent mental pictures (and real one's too!) for me. Kiss kiss.

badside said...

Imagine the art we could make together my love!