Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take a Chill Pill

Dobrý Den readers! I trust you all had a good weekend. So how is the week kicking off for you all? I know in the past I have mentioned my high stress levels, but it has occurred to me on more than one occasion that I am a stress hog. Yeah, I'm that guy who is always neck deep in stress, always in a rush, always wants to do things just right. On a recent trip I took with a friend, we went to get massages (one each that is) at a small parlor. I only get massages once in a while, but it always makes me realize how much tension I carry in my body. If you've never had a real professional massage, go out and get one. It's well worth the money as it does wonders for your over all feelings of well being. Your whole aura is returned to a more natural state, quite amazing. I took a quick nap the other day and as I was laying there I could feel how tight the muscles in my body were. I'm just not very good at relaxing I guess. I find it boring to go to the park or beach and just sit there. I'd much rather be throwing a football around or walking. Sorry to say the massage was not the "Happy Ending" variety. I could only imagine how much more relaxed I would have been after that. Hmm, maybe that's why you can sometimes tell when someone has been recently fucked, it's that relaxed and happy glow they exude! ;^)


Pantymaven said...

"stress hog"... Hmmmm... that's a new one on me but, when I think about it, I fall under the same definition. Good definition! BTW: I've never had a "real" massage. Something to think about. :-)

Sheen V said...

I like that picture - it goes well with the story - very relaxed.

nudeman40 said...

Nothing like a little sex to relax. Cyber is the best. NO strings attached at all. Love to "chat" sometime.

badside said...

PM, I just made that term up, seemed to fit. You really should try a massage, they're great for releasing the stress we carry around in our bodies.

Thanks Sheen! Glad you liked it.

Nudeman: yup, I agree, sex is a great way to relax.