Friday, January 18, 2013


Hola!  It's Friday Everyone!  Not sure why, maybe it's the stress, but I've been on the boil lately (horny wise that is).  I bought those panties I posted about last week and now I went out and bought a camisole too.  I really took my time shopping too.  I was in an area that was new to me and spotted this mall.  Since I had time to kill and was horny as heck, I decided to look around for some lingerie.

The mall had quite a few places I thought might have something I might like.  I first looked at Macy's.  As was the case last week, I really wanted to find a nice unpadded bra.  Something simple and feminine.  I know what you're thinking, how can a bra not be feminine, right?  Well, believe me some of those everyday type bras are hideous and totally unflattering.  No lace, very utilitarian and plain; in other words, ugly.

Getting back to the story, so I was on the hunt for that elusive bra.  So I tried Macy's.  There were a few cute bras there, but they were all the padded variety.  I tried to avoid looking at panties, since I already have too many of those and was afraid I'd find yet another pair I found to be cute.  I ended up browsing the sale rack and found several cute items, but not the bra I wanted.  I made a mental note of the things I might want and moved on out to the main mall.

I checked Kohl's next.  They didn't seem to have anything I was interested in.  This was a smaller Kohl's, but they did have a fairly large area for the lingerie. Again, no magic bra there.  There were a couple of cute nighties, but I decided against buying anything as I still wanted to look at the other stores.

Next I tried F21.  This was a smaller store as well and it didn't have the lingerie section that the bigger stores have.  In retrospect, I probably should have checked out some of the clothes racks, but I didn't as I was on a lingerie hunt and my mind was locked in on that.

The next store I tried was JC Penny.  The lingerie was upstairs in a medium sized section.  Again I avoided the panties and just stayed on target for a bra.  Nothing.  They had some nighties that were cute too, but they were made of that stretchy cotton, which is comfortable and practical, but not what I was looking for.

I then tried Sears.  Sears had a decent sized lingerie section.  I found a small amount of things from the "Kardasian" line of lingerie.  They were pretty cute, but a little more than I wanted to spend, despite being on sale.  I would have bought one cami/nightie thing, but they didn't have my size.  The bra section was a mess (in the employees defense, it was the end of the day).  Again no bra.

As I was walking back to the other end of the mall, I noticed a small non chain store with wigs and cheap costume jewelry.  I could see some lingerie hanging on the back wall, so I did what any lingerie freak would do and went right in.  I walked straight to the back and found some cute clothes hanging there.  The stuff looked like things strippers would wear to work, in other words, stuff I liked!

They didn't have any stripper shoes, (another thing I'd like to get) and the lingerie was very limited in selection.  They didn't have anything that appealed to me enough to crack open my wallet, so I left with the thought that I'd try this place again in the future.

I stopped by VS on the way back and checked out the entire store, paying special attention to the sale rack.  A pretty girl came to help me.  She must have been 6'2" with her shoes on, very tall.  She was very helpfull, if a bit on the pushy side.  She made suggestion after suggestion and I would tell her if I liked the item or not.  I pretended it was a gift for a girl, not being brave enough to fess up to me actually wanting something for myself.  In the end I decided against buying anything, telling the girl I'd come back another time.  Most of the things I thought were cute had the dreaded foam cups lining the breasts, yuck.

After leaving VS, the idea became cemented in my head that I would now buy the cami at Macy's that I'd seen at the beginning of this trek.  I went right upstairs and found it still there on the sales rack.  There were actually three to choose from in the right size.  They all looked the same, so I picked one and walked to a register.  A pretty sales girl spotted me and came over to help.  She was very nice and I asked her if she liked the camisole.  She said she'd love to sleep in something so pretty and that she liked the bow detail.

Since this post is getting long, I'll save your eyeballs and do a separate post to review the camisole itself.  Have a great weekend everyone!


Pantymaven said...

I find it almost impossible not to buy something when I do what you did. I was in Sears to buy a new pair of boots Thursday and right across from the shoe department was the lingerie seeming to invite me over. I didn't see anyting I liked but now was hooked into seeing what else might be around. So, with my box of boots in hand I trudged to Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Penney's and Nordstrom's. I'm sure some of the salesladies got a kick out of seeing this old dude with his box of boots looking at the frillies. I couldn't leave without something so I stopped back at Macy's and got three pair of the Vanity Fair Body Caress panties. I don't know why though... :-)

perfect71ps said...

You should fess up! (at least once anyway) it might turn out nicely. It did with me:

badside said...

PM: Once your on the hunt it's hard not to buy something isn't it?! Sounds like you had fun shopping.

perfect: I'm not brave enough to do that. I read your post, sounds wonderful! That sales lady sure was nice.