Monday, January 21, 2013

New Cami

Welcome Readers!  How was your weekend?  Today I thought I'd continue with where I left off last week, the new camisole I bought.

The cami is made by Jezebel, which is apparently the same company that makes Felina.  I've always thought of Felina as a more upscale or premium brand or at least a cut above more ordinary brands, so this is a good thing.  I can't recall owning any other Jezebel items although I could be mistaken.

The top is called the "Animal Attraction Camisole" and comes in a variety of animal prints as well as solid colors.  Some of the prints include giraffe, cheetah and panther.  Mine is a panther pattern and the color is a grey, not the usual warm brown/orange hue.  The edges are finished in a cute pink lace.  The material is stretchy nylon.  It's fairly soft and smooth.

The main attraction here is the large matching pink bow on the front center cleavage area.  Super cute!  I do worry that the bow may get wrinkled if I'm not careful in storing this or when it gets washed.  The tops of the breast cups and the bottom fringe of the cami have that eyelette lace edging.  The outer edges of the cups and the top of the back piece have a toothed edge that is also very cute and a nice touch.

To me, the piece is a little tight, so I'd say it may run small for the size.  The material itself is smooth and thin with no lining in the cups, just the way I like it.  As for build quality, it feels well built and should hold up well through some playtime.  The ad for it online says it can be inner OR outer wear.  Would LOVE to see a woman wearing this out somewhere, that'd be really hot!

I was lucky to find it on sale and then it was further discounted beyond the marked down price.  It ended up being $12.xx, a great value in my opinion!  Since I just got this the other day, I'm guessing you can find one at your local store on sale as well, so hurry on down to Macy's if you like what you see here.  Happy hunting!


Pantymaven said...

It amazes me what the young ladies of today were out in public. I have a hard time even imagining girls of my daughter's age wearing them in public and they were on the backside of the age of acquarius. Don't get me wrong... I'm enjoying it... :-)

badside said...

Me too PM!