Monday, January 07, 2013

New Panties!

G'day Readers!  How was your weekend?  Too short no doubt?!  I had a chance to do a little shopping and picked up some new panties.  I definitely didn't need any new panties, so it was the extreme horniness in me that made me do it.  Certainly it wasn't my rational brain looking for practical clothing at all.  I guess I'm lucky in that when I start getting horny, my compulsions lead me to the store where I can easily and legally get my lingerie fix.

I walked into the store, F21, and looked around as I headed toward the back corner, where I knew from past experience is the lingerie area of the store.  I was hoping to find a pretty unpadded or unlined bra, but all they had were those foam lined cup push up types, horrible!  The selection at this chain isn't too big "in store", as their main business is clothing, and not lingerie.  So while eying the bras, I spotted some really cute panties.  I picked out two pair, the first of which you are seeing in the above pics.  I try really hard to get only panties that aren't duplicated in style elsewhere in my collection.  I have limited space to store my precious collection of intimates, and I don't need to be wasting money either.  Also, I wouldn't want to add to the landfill unnecessarily.

So I made two selections and then turned and looked toward the registers.  Bingo, no one was in line.  I know some guys get off on the embarrassment of buying lingerie, but that's not really my thing (happy for you if its yours though).  I walked right up and placed the panties on the counter.  A middle aged woman was there doing some calculations and writing something down on a paper and another was further back on the  work phone.  The lady on the phone saw me and acknowledged me, directing me with her hand to the other woman, who said nothing at first.  I said hello to get her attention and she looked up and smiled, quickly finishing what she was doing. 

The lady didn't seem to think anything of a guy being in a primarily women's clothing store, buying panties, and nothing else.  I'm quite certain that 99.9 percent of the customers here are women.  At this particular store I don't think they even carry any of the men's items, or not that I noticed anyway in my dash to the panty area.  She did joke with me though, asking if I was sure they were my size.  I answered that I was sure they were not (even though i was certain they were!).

I still had more to do, so the panties stayed in my pocket until I got home later.  Of course I was dying to try them on the whole time I was out.  I even fantasized briefly about going in the bathroom at another store and putting them on.  Cooler heads prevailed though and the naughty idea didn't get any further than that.

The actual panties are a soft pastel, minty green/blue color.  I think the close up pic is the closest to the actual thing color wise.  The panties seem to be nicely made and I love the floral lace, very pretty.  The piped edging is ruffly, which caught my eye in the store, love them ruffles!  The ruffling goes all the way around the panties on all edges.  There is a contrasting, off white bow at the top of the front waistband which adds an extra feminine flair that I approve of greatly.

Overall, I am pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who might also like the looks of these thongs.


Pantymaven said...

I don't dare ask the price... I saw a bikini on eBay before Christmas that had less material than a Kleenex and the bidding on it was approaching $75. Out of my range for sure!

perfect71ps said...

Both pairs are lovely!

> I even fantasized briefly about going in the
> bathroom at another store and putting them on.

I almost always do this! Or after I've bought the knickers I might try on a pair of men's trousers so I can put on the knickers.

Two very nice posts, thanks for sharing.

perfect71ps said...

Meant to say:

> I was hoping to find a pretty unpadded or unlined
> bra, but all they had were those foam lined cup
> push up types, horrible!

I bought myself my first ever bra late last year. I was very excited about the idea. Unfortunately the bra itself was no good and went straight in the bin: pretty but too bulky --- foam lined cup push up as you say. £20 and a fantasy squashed.

Do you have any advice about choosing a bra? I think I'm 38A (that's what I bought and it did fit).


badside said...

PM, sorry about the late reply, but then you've already seen my next post with the price.

perfect: Thanks so much, glad you liked the posts. As for choosing a bra, I'll do a post about it next week...just for you! ;^)