Wednesday, January 09, 2013

More New Panties

It's Hump Day Readers!  How are you all?  In continuing with my recent purchase post, I present to you, my second pair of F21 panties.  As you can see they are a lovely soft pink and white thong.  It's actually a white floral lace over a pink see through background.  The front features two pretty pink bows at the bottom front at the leg openings. 

The shiny ribbon material of the bows continues up to the waistband through two eye loop channels forming the edges of a pretty triangle accentuating the crotch area of the panties.

The back of the panty is all white and made of a mesh type material which is double sided to give just enough see through to hint at the tender flesh beneath.

At the top of the back waistband is a pretty pink bow, contrasting nicely with the white of the mesh and a cute little ruched channel below the ribbon itself.

And at the hips they have added an extra bit of flair with the little wisps of white lace hanging there, accentuating the hip area.

I could see these panties looking excellent with a French maid outfit or going very well with a pink or white garter belt and stockings.  They certainly caught my eye in the store.  The price is cheap at $3.80, the same as Monday's panties.  About the price though, one thing to note, if I had bought one more pair of panties, the price would have been $9.60 or something and I could have walked out with three pairs for less than $10!  I didn't see any signs stating that, but when I looked on line later I was reminded of the fact.  I didn't really see anything else I wanted though, so I suppose it's not like I really missed out.  At $3.80 per panty, there's not a whole lot to complain about price wise.

I would recommend these panties to any lingerie fanatics out there.  The fit is slightly small for the size, so buy accordingly.


Pantymaven said...

Great price! I didn't think you could buy anything for less than $5.00.. :-)

badside said...

Yeah, unfortunately they are probably made by sweat shop workers, ie: modern slavery. I feel guilty thinking about it now.