Friday, September 14, 2012

Ouch! No...OUCH!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!  I was cruising the interwebs yesterday and saw a little blurb about "girl gets a butthole tattoo".  At first I thought maybe I'd read it wrong as my eyes scanned the page, but my eyes shot back and yeah, I saw that right.  OK they got me to bite at the bait, so I clicked the link thinking it had to be something else or perhaps some kind of gag.  The page loads and voila, there it is, just like they said!  A girl getting her butthole tattooed!  Is that crazy or what?!!  She even says "It feels so f@$#ing good"!!  Man this chick is crazy!  I seem to be drawn to extreme people for some reason though.  I don't know why but this somehow is a turn on to me, but OUCH, I could never do that myself.  Watch it for yourself below.


Pantymaven said...

That is so far out!!!

badside said...

Yeah, there's always someone who does something you'd have never even thought of!